Diego Simeone faces the final against Marseille with illusion and humility

The Argentine Diego Simeone , coach of Atlético de Madrid , said on Tuesday that in the final of the Europa League with Marseille appear "many emotions, great enthusiasm, but, above all, a lot of humility" and admitted the need to win of your team against an opponent with "similarities". "We are going to play a new ending, where there are many feelings, many emotions, a lot of enthusiasm, but above all, a lot of humility." When you arrive at these instances, you need to have humility, work, know that in front of you we will have a rival that we will have what to minimize and it will be a beautiful football match, "he said.

"Sure it will be a nice final, with two teams that are practical, that play the second ball very well, with very good ball stop both ... I see similarities between the two, from the illusion, the enthusiasm and the game", insisted the Argentine coach, who waited for an "intense match, with a lot of friction" at the Parc OL de Lyon. "Marseille is a dangerous team in all its offensive facet, which includes the stopped ball, they can do it with a changed leg, they have sides that, whoever plays, they are vertical and offensive, and they have people in the middle who are young, especially the kid López, who does it very well ", analyzed his adversary.Bet on your favourite match with corebet football tips.

He also focused "at the pace imposed" Dmitri Payet "at the speed of his head" and "the game that comes out of his feet." "It is a team that is well prepared, that has a coach where he has been doing very well and will generate an intense match that we will have to take to the place where we feel better," he warned. It is the eighth final for Atletico de Simeone. "The experience is an important fact, but it does not end up being totally influential in the game, Marseille is a team with a lot of work, enthusiasm, pressure, that takes advantage of the high rhythm of their three half points and we will have to take the match where we believe we can do damage and impose our game based on the running of the minutes, "analyzed the coach at the official press conference. Is it a final in which Atlético have more to lose than win? "Whenever I had to play a final of a football player or coach, you live it more clearly, what's important is only the match and all the words that are generated around the game, leaving it to people who do not participate," the coach replied. "Those who are inside know what they have to play, the way they have to play and what matters is the game," added the coach, who will try to "transmit tranquility" to his players "beyond the emotions that are growing minute after minute and hour after hour "as the start of the European final approaches.

"It's a football game and to win you have to play well, and what brings you closer to that position is that your experiences bring you closer to understanding what needs to be done within the field, then football is a game. We need to win, but it's a game, we know it, "Simeone continued. At the same time, he expressed that "the comparisons are never good", referring to the finals of the previous Champions League . "The Europa League at the time, when we had to win it, was an important step, it gave us security, confidence, growth and we realized that we could, that we were generating something important in that group, and undoubtedly for many of the guys was a huge step and the consequence of everything that was to come later, "he recalled. Simeone has all his staff for the game with the recovery of Vitolo . "Luckily, we have everyone, we can not count on everyone since November, it's a joy, it's also a sadness to leave someone out of the team tomorrow, we have everyone available and from today's training I will finish closing the circle of what imagine for tomorrow, "he concluded.